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Packers and Movers IBA Approved

We are IBA Approved Packers and Movers.

Indian Banks Association(IBA) certifies and approves reliable packers and movers’ companies across the country. The goal is to find and provide list of professional and safe packing and moving companies in India which are registered, verified and are in running.If you hire any IBA approved company for your relocation or shifting services, then you need not to worry about the safe and hassle-free shipment of your belongings. Not only this, if you are a bank employee, you have the benefit of booking IBA approved relocation company for inter-city shifting and not local shifting.


The unavailability of any certified and authorized body regulating the logistics industry is considered as the most important reason for the increasing moving scams in the nation. Understanding the same, the consequences of these scams in the packers and mover’s industry, the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) decided to keep an eye on the authenticity and reliability of the companies engaged in the business of relocation services across India. With this government body coming into action and certifying1000+logistics firms, customer now can stay relieved and can easily avail the services of the certified packers and movers by IBA.

The Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) has declared and certified LIVSHIFT and has allotted us a unique code after registration. We provide safe, timely and reliable relocation and shifting services. We promise to move your goods with utmost care and diligence. We also reimburse our clients in case of any unwanted and unfortunate damage created. We possess an extremely trained and professional team which takes care of all your valuables end-to-end, starting from, packaging, loading, moving, unloading and un-packaging. We also help our clients with live tracking options to keep them updated with whereabouts of their goods 24x7. Not only this, one of the managers is appointed to your project who stays with you for all the queries and doubts at all the times. So, it is always better to go for Livshift Packers and Movers Ltd. approved by IBA for better and secure relocation.

We offer the best IBA Approved Transport Service in Delhi and in the other states, IBA Approved Bill for Claim as top priorities. Shifting requirements need the use of professionals and trained personnel. Livshift Packers and Movers Ltd., on the other hand, is a huge network of numerous packers and movers. A list of India's Top IBA Approved Transport Service in Delhi Providers is included. Our primary aim is to give a handy and easily consumable solution for those looking for the best IBA-approved transportation service. Through our informed list of logistics firms, we provide you 100% safe, reliable, and quick IBA Approved Transporters in Delhi.

When it comes to hiring logistics team for relocation or shifting, we always vouch for the one which is certified and licensed by a proper legalgovernment body to ensure the safety of goods while transportation. The IBA approved packers and movers provide a sense of security and reliability to the customers when it comes to handing over valuable belongings to them. Some more benefits include:

  1. Certified& Verified Packers & Movers: IBA only provides its certification to the packers and movers which are registered under the eyes of law legally. It provides a unique code to every logistics firm after they have successfully completed the entire requirementsneeded under the IBA Scheme of Transport Operators. So, now hiring trustworthy packers and movers for your move is no more a hassling task.

  2. Professionalism: The packers and movers approved by IBA are trained and experienced in completing the relocation tasks with efficiency and effectiveness. The professionals from the moving company will finish every relocation task with expertise considering every singledetail precisely. So, you can stay tension-free and be assured about the best quality services right in your hand.

  3. Safety of Belongings: This is one of the major criteria which people consider before hiring any packers and movers for their services. As IBA approved packers and movers are certified and verified, they take full responsibility for your valuables. Your every belonging is safe in their hands and will reach their right destination in the safest and quickest manner.

  4. Insurance services: Most of the packers and movers approved by IBA provide this facility to their customers. The insurance of valuable belongings, goods and vehicles will save them from any monetary losses and damage when the goods are being moved.

  5. Country-wise approach: IBA approved packers and movers are trained and experienced in tackling household, vehicles, goods and office shifting anywhere in he country due to its PAN-India logistic networks and connections.

  6. Timely and Quick Delivery of Belongings: All professional packers and movers approved by IBA finish every relocation task in a time-bound manner. They understand the value of time and apply all possible efforts to make the valuable belongings of their customers reach their locations within the estimated time.

  7. Budget-friendly prices: The moving companies approved by the association do not charge huge prices from the customers. Their moving cost charges are reasonable and pocket friendly and according to the services that they provide to the clients. The final cost of moving is estimated and marked after careful analysis of every aspect of relocation and movement.

  8. Highly experienced staff: Packer and mover companies are well equipped with highly experienced relocation and shifting experts that will take care of everything professionally end-to-end. Experts use the right and modern techniques and methods to complete the packing work efficiently, effectively, and quickly.

Wider geographical approach: Move household goods, vehicle,valuable items, fragile material, or office items anywhere in the country without any discomfort with IBA approved packers and movers as they have a strong network in India.

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