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Terms And Conditions

Livshift Packers And Movers have certain terms and conditions to be followed by you while availing of our services. These include:
1. Our company is totally careful with no any damage, shortage, breakage coinage by the sun, rain, water or weather. the sender is responsible for genuine Packing.
2. Fresh Fruits Take the total risk of the sender as they are apt to be damaged in the way.

3. Our company will send goods at the earliest opportunity in one direct lot or in part-load according to our conveniences.

4. The stock will be delivered to the consignee against payment of all charges.

5. The goods will be delivered at the Company’s warehouse unless settled otherwise in writing.

6. The delivery of the household stock will have to be taken within 3 days after its arrival at the destination failing.

7. If there is any claim on account of the receipt of the goods the same shall have to be made within fifteen days Failing to which the same shall be considered null and rejected.
8. Our Company takes surely no faults for delays or losses in Moving due to accident strikes or any other cause beyond its control and due to break down of vehicle on route to consequences whereof.
9. Once the delivery is given against a receipt no claim will be distracted afterward.

10. If the octroi of the customs people assesses the goods wrongly we will not be responsible for their mistakes and claims if any shall be made on such items for the octroi people oneself by factor or sender as the case may be.
11. If any difference is found in actual weight as compared with L.R. and the goods oneself the company will receive a full charge at the destination for actual weight 25% extra.
12. If the goods LR does not arrive at the stopping place within one month, the originator should inform the company with a registered notice otherwise the Company will not be responsible for any action.
13. If the recipient does not take delivery of goods within one month, the company reserves the right of putting the same will be recovered from the originator.
14. If the consignor wants the Household Stock to be covered against the fire and there in the way, he must be communicated and pay the premium which is quoted by the booking Clerk.
15. Any disputes regarding the L.R. will be settled in Delhi civil Court only and the recipient consignor sill not suited in felon Court.

16. If the truck can’t go to the customer’s home due to a nasty or narrow road then the customer will take delivery of the goods from our warehouse or from the place till the truck reaches nearby to the customer’s home.
17. If the value of the goods is above Rs.100- it must be insured otherwise the company will not be at fault for any damage.

18. If the Name of the recipient is mentioned in the LR, then the company reserved the right to deliver goods without LR.

19. Our Company is not at fault for bringing back the goods.

It is to be noted that the above-mentioned terms and conditions may change in the future as per the requirement of Livshift Movers and Packers.

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